Chiefs 2017 Oceanic Pro League Roster Announcement

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The Chiefs are happy to announce the re-signing of our 2016 two time Oceanic Pro League championship winning team!

During free agency, four of the veteran players, upon discussions with management, decided it would be prudent to field offers from other teams during the Riot mandated free agency period.

The players decided that it would be healthy for the company and the Oceanic eSports scene to better gauge their worth using the market, as the Chiefs were the first team in Oceania to pay the players a salary on top of the Riot pro-rata player appearance fees.

We are happy to announce we have reached an agreement with the players to continue our journey as the Chiefs eSports Club, and hopefully build on our experience and success and achieve our ultimate goal of representing Oceania at Worlds.

Your 2017 Chiefs Oceanic Pro League Roster is:

Top: Brandon ‘Swip3rR’ Holland  facebook_ctwitter

Jungle: Samuel ‘Spookz’ Broadley facebook_ctwitter

Mid: Simon ‘Swiffer’ Papamarkos (captain) facebook_ctwitter

ADC: Quin ‘Raes’ Korebrits twitter

Support: Bryce ‘EGym’ Paule twitter

Follow the Chiefs on Facebook and Twitter for further news. Thank you to all our fans for their insane support over these past 2 years, and we look forward to sharing more success and happiness with you!