CGPL April 2016 Wraps Up!

Chiefs CGPL Wrap up!
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Over the 16th and 17th of April, we had jam-packed CounterStrike:Global Offensive weekend at CyberGamer’s Autumn Professional hosted at Australian Technology Park in Sydney, where the Chiefs CSGO squad faced Vox Eminor, Trident and Alpha Sydney on the first day of groups. The team started off strongly against Vox Eminor taking them down 16-7 on Overpass, but unfortunately fell to Trident on Train 9-16, yet managed to finish groups with a 16-13 victory over Alpha Sydney.

The team cleanly defeated Corivdae in the semi-finals with scores of 16-13 (Cache) and 16-10 (Train) to see them face Legacy Esports in the grand finals later that day. Chiefs CSGO narrowly missed out on claiming back-to-back CGPL titles against Legacy, losing the series 1-2.


Game 1 Game 2 Game 3
Cache: 16-12 (LGC) Inferno: 16-5 (CHF) Cobblestone: 16-7 (LGC)

The CGPL LAN finals were a great experience to have with my team, which saw many ups and downs. We were so close at winning the whole tournament but experience is what let us down. We’re sure to come back stronger, because learning from losses makes a team much stronger in the long run. – Chris ‘dexter’ Nong (@Chief_DexterCS)


We were also lucky enough to have our very own Call of Duty team playing at CGPL that weekend! The boys were hungry for blood, coming off a rough 3-4 overtime loss to Tainted Minds at Crown’s 70K Invitational the previous week in Melbourne, and it showed. Our first battle was the Crown re-match against Tainted Minds, which we closed out with a 4-1 victory, securing our place in the Grand Final to face Mindfreak (who defeated Orbit in typical Mindfreak fashion) earlier that day.

The Grand Final was an absolute nail-biter, both teams pushing each other to their limits, and pushing each other to the seventh and deciding game. Ultimately Mindfreak’s experience shone through and they dominated the final map, and closing out the series 4-3.


HP – Stronghold: 250-193 (MF) SND – Breach: 6-2 (CHF) UPLINK – Fringe:     18-2 (MF) CTF – Breach:     2-1 (CHF) SND – Infection:   6-5 (CHF) HP –               Evac:           250-175 (MF) SND – Fringe:    6-0 (MF)

The CGPL 10k event was great, we felt we had a lot to prove coming into the event after narrowly losing to Tainted Minds the week before. We wanted to show that we were a top team who can take out anyone, we feel we didn’t play to our full potential but still came out with a good result in the end and learnt a lot from the matches we played. We are looking to build off of a good event coming into Season 2 of the Call Of Duty World League. – Jake ‘Hopey’ Hope (@ChiefHopey)


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