Call of Duty – Roster Update

CoD Hopey
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Today, the Chiefs would like to announce with a heavy heart the release of long time Call of Duty captain, Jake ‘Hopey’ Hope.

We would like to sincerely thank Jake for all his efforts and contributions in establishing Chiefs as a brand name within ANZ Call of Duty, being a founding member of the roster back in the start of 2016 and leading the team to strong placings in ANZ CoD World League, as well as two international competitions at CoD Champs in 2016 and most recently, MLG Atlanta.

“It’s unfortunate things have worked out the way they did, but I have nothing but praise and respect for Jake as a person and as a player. It’s been an absolute pleasure to have him lead our Call of Duty team for the past year. His drive, determination and dedication to the games he loves is unrivaled, and through thick and thin he’s always managed to find a way to come out on top. I consider him a good friend after our experiences together, and I wish him the very best, for I know he will continue to achieve great things.”

- Frank Li, owner and founder of the Chiefs

“I would like to thank Sangy and the rest of management for my time under Chiefs, being the first Call Of Duty team under the brand was a huge honour, I would also like to thank all the sponsors/partners for the support as well, they made attending MLG Atlanta a reality, I can’t thank them enough. I wish the organisation all the best, as for the team, not so much. Looking forward to hopefully playing against them at Sydney. Thanks again to Sangy, much love!

Chief Hopey, out.”

- Jake “Hopey” Hope

The current Chiefs Call of Duty line up is as follows:

– Dean “Dean”¬†Beldzinski

– Cooper “Lakie” Reading

– Jacob “Fate” Fitzpatrick

Our 4th member will be announced soon.

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