Statement – League of Legends Player Suspensions

LoL suspensions
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In October, 2016, the Chiefs participated in an international bootcamp in Shanghai, China in preparation for IEM Challenger.

As we received short notice on the event, a hasty decision was made on the bootcamp location, and ultimately we settled on China for logistical and practical reasons. As such, by the time we arrived, Riot requested Korean accounts had not been made available yet.

During this time, given our reluctance to waste an opportunity we are so rarely provided, the team, through an idea initiated by management, decided to search for an alternative solution whilst we waited for our Riot accounts to come through. As time passed, we were very concerned about the possibility that several days will pass without the opportunity to practice, so we approached several people we were familiar with including Brandon ‘Claire’ Nguyen, who was playing in the LJL Challenger Series at the time.

In our zeal to not only ensure the connection from the practice venue to the Korean servers was acceptable, but to make the most of the very limited opportunity we had, members of the team played on Claire’s account over the course of a 1-2 day period, as we were having trouble maintaining a stable connection to the Korean server on the VPNs we were using.

We are disappointed by the outcome of the ruling but accept the results of our actions. This is a first time offence for all our players, and have fully cooperated with Riot to the best of our ability in the investigation despite . We apologise to our fans for letting you down. The team will be fielding stand-ins for our Week 8 and Week 9 match ups, and will return to action week 10 against Tainted Minds.