Spookz shares his thoughts on the International Wildcard Qualifiers

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After returning home from Turkey, Samuel ‘Spookz’ Broadley took to social media to share his thoughts on the Chiefs’ performance at the International Wildcard Qualifiers. You can read his blog below.

Hey guys,

Just a quick post regarding IWCQ – It was obviously a huge event for us, small regions like Oceania don’t really get many opportunities to prove ourselves internationally and Worlds is always our final goal so it meant the world to us to perform well and to be honest our line-up was probably OCE’s best shot at worlds so far.

The lead up to the event was really good for us, we got a chance to bootcamp in Germany and identify a whole range of weaknesses in scrims against international teams that aren’t so obvious back at home. Swiffer is the captain of the team and although especially back in OCE he doesn’t often step up, he really did this tournament – he is by far the smartest player in our line-up in terms of macro decision making and thinking ahead and he really took the initiative this tournament in being the leader of the team. During our time practicing we became a lot more conscious of our macro play and personally I think we were smarter then any of the other IWCQ teams.

Obviously as a team we were really happy with our group stage performance and it put us in a good spot heading into finals. The main thing is that both our losses were down to really simple fixes that could’ve been avoided. Personally my group stage was up and down, I always felt i was a more consistent player then the performances I was putting up each game but my team played really well and made up for some of my downfall. A lot of our success also has to be credited to our amazing group of staff – Sangy, Sigils, Ottoke, Jish and Razleplasm. I feel they provided the best possible opportunity for success and they are the most amazing people i’ve ever got to work with over my time in League of Legends.

The bitter disappointment obviously came in the final against BKT. We knew before the set even begun how we were going to win but unfortunately we didn’t execute. I don’t think any single player on the team is to blame for the loss, we all did things we could have done better and made some impulsive decisions that cost us a lot under pressure. Personally, I was really disheartened by my performance because I know i’m a much better player than what I showed in the final, but in the end I know there’s no use in dwelling over the past.

Worlds is the main goal and looking into the future is about all we have as a team for now. Coming so close to that goal hurts but at the same time only gives us extra motivation for next year. We will use this IWCQ as a learning experience moving forward so that we can achieve our ultimate goal and I can retire happily. A huge thanks to our sponsors – Logitech G, G2A.COM, Nvidia and Redbull and our fans who keep supporting us through thick and thin, it’s a huge pleasure playing for you guys and I hope we can make you guys proud.


Be sure to follow Spookz on social media at @Chief_Spookz and https://www.facebook.com/spookzLoL.