Tired of being let down by your teammates? Prove that you alone are the best Warzone player in the region and win an AOC 24G2 monitor!

AOC’s 24G2 display redefines smooth gameplay. Equipped with 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, players can enjoy an ultra-smooth experience with no visible screen blur. AMD FreeSync Premium technology and HDR-like visual reduces screen tearing allows gamers to immerse in the battle with high contrast visual clarity.


Game Rules

How to Play

To register for the tournament simply join the Discord server and follow the steps in the #registration channel. Upon registration you will be given the role for the tournament and given access to the tournament specific channel. All participants must join the Discord server.

At the commencement of the tournament a code word will be submitted to the Discord channel. All participants are required to change their clan tag to this code word to ensure the gameplay was achieved during this period.

Participants will submit a screenshot or video of the game with their three best games that clearly shows the code word in their clan tags. All submissions will be totalled by the admins and the participant that submits the most points during the tournament period with the correct code word will be the winner.

General Rules

Teams: Unlimited
Format: Warzone – Solo (1 Player)
Submissions: To the Discord Channel including all participants with the correct clan tag

Points –

1st Place = 10 points
2nd Place = 8 points
3rd Place = 6 Points
4th/5th Place = 5 Points
6th – 10th Place = 2 Points

Each Elimination = 1 Point

If you get 45 kills and comes 3rd Place you would receive 51 Points for that game.

Tournament Rules

a.    All participating players must be residents of Australia or New Zealand and at least 15 years old.

b.    Upon the tournament concluding participants have 15 minutes to finish their current game and submit their result. Any submissions made after this time or with any participant having an incorrect clan tag will be considered invalid.

c.    Prize winners will be contacted via Discord by an Admin of the server to arrange payment and/or delivery details within 48hrs of the prize being earned.

d.    Admins reserve the right to change the scheduled dates and game rules based on feedback from regular players throughout the course of this tournament. Notice of at least 24hrs of any changes will be given to all participants.